德国驻华使领馆2017年7月10日声明:“某当局”对为刘晓波会诊的德国医生进行录音/ 录像,这个行为违反德方意愿,也非双方在访问前以书面形式的约定。(网上截图)

德国驻华使领馆周一(7月10日)发表声明,指“某当局”对为刘晓波会诊的德国医生进行录音/ 录像,这个行为违反德方意愿,也非双方在访问前以书面形式的约定。


另外,本台于德国时间周一下午2 点联系到海德堡大学医学院,获悉到沈阳会诊刘晓波的德国专家比希勒(Markus W Buchler)教授已经回到德国,但医院媒体部门表示,比希勒不能接受媒体采访。


Statement about breach of Doctor-Patient Confidentiality by certain actors in the case of Liu Xiaobo (10.07.2017)

We have noted with deep concern that certain authorities have evidently made audio and video surveillance recordings of the medical visit of Mr. Liu Xiaobo by a German doctor. These recordings were made against the expressed wishes of the German side,which were communicated in writing prior to the visit. It seems that these recordings are being leaked selectively to certain Chinese state media outlets. It seems that security organs are steering the process,not medical experts. This behaviour undermines trust in the authorities dealing with Mr. Liu’s case,which is vital to ensure maximum success of his medical treatment.