Liu Xiaobo is a writer free from fear.

He moved through life taking mental notes on what he saw, heard and read. He wrote down all the upsetting things in China with analytic calm, without any political caution, without self censorship. He was 4 times in jail, and did not survive the last one. There is no tomb, no graveyard for him in China, the CCP government conducted a sea burial and wanted to erase his image in people’s heads. That will not work, because Liu Xiaobo embodied the conscientiousness , compassion, wisdom and courage of an intellectual which is so rare in a totalitarian surrounding and even in the world. Liu Xiaobo’s person and his thought incarnated to an everlasting light that illuminates the darkness. He lives in our mind.

Our world is in a state of flux. we are facing wars, assassinations, refugee waves, discriminations, crimes against humanity, climate changes, shortage of energy and food etc. Intolerance and violence are everywhere. I couldn’t help but think of Liu Xiaobo— the pacifist. As a prolific writer,he wrote love poems, but also lots of political essays. In his writing he showed sympathy with the disprivileged people, he supported the Tibeten, the Taiwanese, criticised that Beijing wanted to deprive the freedom of press, destroyed the democratic election system and the rule of law in Hong Kong. His criticism was a warning, yet all the warnings turn to reality nowadays. Liu Xiaobo was against any kind of violence, even to his perpetrator, he said the famous sentence: „ I have no enemies, I have no hatred.“ His Gandhian non-violent spirit comforts and eases our anxiety and fear in this troublesome time.

To conclude, I want to quote Liu Xiaobo’s words in his final statement at the court:

Hatred only eats away at a person’s intelligence and conscience, and an enemy mentality can poison the spirit of an entire people. It can lead to cruel and lethal internecine combat, can destroy tolerance and human feeling within a society, and can block the progress of a nation toward freedom and democracy.

Mr Putin, Mr Xi Jinping and the Taliban, please keep these words in mind before you continue the killing.


【Shining Light Media LLc】2022.07.14

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