Liu Xiaobo specifically flew back to Tiananmen Square to participate in the (Tiananmen Square protests) of 1989.

In fact, Liu Xiaobo was an intellectual, and he had a very gentle side to his personality, which can be seen in his writings.

When he was transiting in Tokyo, the April 26 426 editorial had just been published.

He knew then that it might be a perilous endeavor to go back to China at this peculiar juncture. k.

But when the flight announcement said, “This is your last boarding chance,” he nevertheless firmly decided to return.

He is the only Nobel Peace Prize laureate in history who did not live to see his Nobel Prize.

Another person who received the award during Nazi Germany died in Nazi prison.

Just from this incident, we can see the significance of his life and also see the similar situation we are facing now.

On the one hand, it is the CCP, a regime that resembles the Nazis in its tyranny and power,

But on the other hand, there are dedicated fighters like Liu Xiaobo.

After 1989, he went through much reflection and transformed from an intellectual into a social activist.

The Chinese Communist Party portrayed him as one of the drafters of Charter 08, but he was not.

However, he truly made Charter 08 a widely known document.

He brought together people with different opinions and reached a critical consensus.

In the future democratization of China, we need our charter and laws.

We must have freedom of expression, but we also need a consensus-building process.

When Liu Xiaobo was young, he was like Nietzsche, a free spirit, a free soul.

After 1989, as a massacre survivor, he gradually embarked on a path similar to Mandela and Gandhi.

Many people say, “How about you, Chinese people?” We have our own Gandhi, but he has yet to be discovered.

He is unknown to the world, and more unknown to the Chinese people.

That is why we must commemorate him in this place, his first permanent memorial in New York.

We also erected a bust sculpture for Liu Xiaobo in Prague in 2019, which is another permanent presence.

Thank you, everyone, for being here today. Today, we witness this critical moment together.


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