China has no moral giant
713 Sacrifice to Xiaobo

1. Opening song: The last moments of Liu Xiaobo, Dongxiao – Liao Yiwu, Violin – Li Yinghao, Modern Dance – Chen En-chi
2. Speech: Akio Yasaka (journalist, writer, director of the Taipei branch of the Japan Production News)
3. Speech: Edward Cheng (artist, creator of Liu Xiaobo Memorial Sculpture)
4. Elegy for Liu Xiaobo (Liao Yiwu – reading, Japanese piccolo – Lin Xiaofeng, modern dance – Chen Enqi)
5. Speech: Lee Ming-chieh (human rights activist, the first Taiwanese Chinese political prisoner, and one of the Taiwanese who knows the most about the Chinese Communist Party)
6. Speech: Hsieh Hsiao-wan (editor-in-chief of Family Village Magazine, former director of Taipei City Cultural Bureau)
7. Xiao or flute soloist: Lin Xiaofeng
8. Speech: Zeng Jianyuan (Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Chinese Democratic Institute)
9. Speech or poetry recitation: Pei Ling (writer, poet)
10. Improvised Music: Yinghao Li, Shiyang Li, Xiaofeng Lin
11. Speech: Liao Zhifeng (writer, publisher)
12. Improvised music for Liu Xiaobo: Bowl – Liao Yiwu, Violin – Li Yinghao, Modern Dance – Chen Enqi, Xiaoor Flute – Lin Xiaofeng
13. Concluding remarks of the host:

The most popular quote of Mr. Liu Xiaobo is: I have no enemies. However, I think the most important quote of Liu Xiaobo is: China has no moral giants.

Therefore, we are here today to commemorate him.

Also: please keep your speeches to 6 minutes or less: thank you!
Contact number:0935220397

Meeting time: July 13, before 3:30 p.m.
Meeting place:New Taipei City 57-6, Xinzhuangzi–Nan Kefu Studio (Baishawan)
Contact number: 0935-220-397

Emphasis: Please make sure to arrive before 3:30 p.m. – in order to go together to the nearby artist Aihua’s private courtyard, where the group sculptures of Liu Xiaobo, Empty Chair, and Charter 08 are located – please keep the appointment time in order to guarantee The “713 Festival of Xiaobo” will start at 4pm sharp.

Participants: Ngan Ko-Fu (host), Yaban Akio, Lee Ming-Cheol, Hsieh Hsiao-Yun, Tseng Chien-Yuan, Pei-Ling, Liao Chi-Feng, Chuang Feng-Chia, Ai-Hua (artist), Lee Ying-Ho (musician), Lin Xiao-Feng (musician), Shi-Yang (musician), Liao Yi-Wu, 5 members of the documentary filming team

【Liao Yiwu E-mail】2022.07.13

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